Duer OS+ Smart Voice BLE +Wi-Fi Module HF-LPB200U

  • Date: 2017-04-01
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On March 30, Baidu  Duer OS wisdom chip  strategic cooperation conference was successfully held in Shanghai , At the meeting, Baidu released DuerOS wisdom chip, and with TSINGHUA UNIGROUP, ARM, Shanghai High Flying reached a strategic cooperation. 


                                                                                (Conference Photo 

Shanghai High Flying CEO Sen Xie  launched the new super Wi-Fi&BT Combo module HF-LPB200U for audio market at the meeting。 HF-LPB200U with the support of DuerOS A。I。, the module can understand user intent and chat。 Even play network resources such as Baidu Music and ximalaya。

HF-LPB200U Key Features as following:

²  Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards

²  Support BT2.0EDR+BLE4.2

²  Cortex-M4, 200MHz, 448KB RAM, 4MB Flash + DSP VoiceProcessor

²  SupportDuerOS A.I. Engine

²  Support BaiduMusic,Online Resources

²  SupportM4A, AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA Format

²  SupportSTA/AP/STA+AP Mode


²  Support Audio In(MIC) and Audio Output(Speaker) Interface

²  Support Smartlink,  WeChat Airkiss and Audio Config Function.

²  Support Internal/External(I-PEX)Antenna Option

²  Smallest Size: 23.1mm x 32.8mm x(3.45±0.3)mm

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